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Kamphaus Auto Care Air Conditioning Service

Everyone enjoys getting into the car on a hot summer day and turning the air on.   But what if it doesn’t work?  It could be the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the orifice tube, the thermal expansion valve, the receiver-drier or the accumulator!  These are all parts of your automotive air conditioning system and parts that sometimes could go array.  Also take into consideration that there are federal requirements for the dispensing and disposing of refrigerant in your vehicle’s cooling system.  At Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions, our technicians are ASE certified and can determine what the problem might be.  ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence,  a certification that is issued by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit organization.

Along with having ASE certified technicians, Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions also holds the government certification allowing us to purchase and dispense refrigerant, as well as having the equipment necessary to prevent the refrigerant  from escaping into the environment and destroying the ozone.

From knowing how to repair and recharge your air conditioning system, to being able to advise you on whether to retrofit your vehicle which will allow you to use R-134a or continue with R-12, at Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions we are here to help you with all your air-conditioning needs. Bring your car or truck into Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions today or schedule an appointment online and have us check out your air conditioning system.

Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions is a proud member of ASA, ASE, TECH-NET and NAPA AUTO CENTER

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