Battery ServiceEveryone knows that your vehicle needs a battery to start it, but your battery is just the beginning of your vehicle’s complex electrical system. Vehicle batteries should be checked at least every two years. Your car’s ignition and charging systems along with the battery help ensure that your vehicle is dependable whenever you drive your car, regardless of the driving conditions.  Your car battery stores   electrical energy and is responsible for supplying the energy to the starter motor to turn the engine over   for starting. The alternator is responsible for producing electrical current to recharge the battery so that it can continue to start the engine and support the electrical loads of the engine while the car is running.

Automotive batteries are referred to as lead-acid type batteries.  They differ from the regular battery in their construction as well as their use. The automotive battery is responsible for providing the electrical charge needed to start the ignition process of the engine and a backup reservoir of electrical energy for high demand activities.  It is also a rechargeable battery allowing for a longer life of the battery.

Symptoms of a problem with your battery can be a slow cranking engine on start up.  If you experience this or any other starting problems, bring your car or truck into Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions today or schedule an appointment online and let us help you with all your car battery decisions.

Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions is a proud member of ASA, ASE, TECH-NET and NAPA AUTO CENTER

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