Bearings & Seals

wheel bearingsWheel bearings connect your wheels to the vehicle and enable the smooth rotation of the tires. The bearing seals aid in keeping water and dirt out of the bearings. These important components help to keep your driving experience smooth. Because these parts are not regularly serviced, they tend to catch the vehicle owner by surprise when problems arise. So what are some of the symptoms that you can watch for to let you know there might be a problem?

When a wheel bearing is running correctly you have a smooth, quiet drive. When it is not running correctly one of your first signs is a humming or growling when you are traveling down the road.  Then, as the speed of your vehicle increases so does the volume of the noise. While the noise may be the most obvious symptom, it may not always present. Another symptom might be feeling as if the wheel has more play or looseness while you are driving. Very worn bearings can cause clunks while going over bumps in the road. The exact opposite of this, restricted rotation, is also a sign of the bearing degrading. This can be seen in the vehicle pulling to one side of the road, or an increase of throttle needed to accelerate the vehicle.

All of these symptoms can also give a warning that the seals around the bearings are going, thereby letting in dirt, water and other road particles. If you are noticing any or all of the above symptoms bring your vehicle into Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions and let our ASE certified technicians help to diagnose the problem. We take care of our friends to make sure your car runs smoothly!

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