Brake Systems

Brake SystemsBrake systems are comprised of disc brakes, drum brakes, brake lines, the hydraulic fluid that flows through them, the brake pedal and master cylinder. A problem in any of these components can lead to disastrous results. If you hear a squealing noise, feel any pulsating in the pedal when applying your brakes, or have to push the pedal further/harder than normal to get your brakes to engage there could be a problem in your brake system.  Also, if you  feel the vehicle pull to the left or right when applying your brakes, this should be inspected by one of our ASE certified technicians right away.

The process of braking is engaged when you put your foot on the brake pedal. The pedal then acts as a plunger in the master cylinder pushing the fluid through the brake lines to the actual brake caliper causing friction between the pads and the brake disc/drum to slow the rotation of the wheels and bringing your vehicle to a stop.

A problem with any of these components can be serious and can quickly bring about problems in other parts of the system. A failure to act on the symptoms could cause more serious repercussions. Have your brakes regularly maintained at Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions.

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Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions is a proud member of ASA, ASE, TECH-NET and NAPA AUTO CENTER

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