Computerized Engine Controls


The Clean Air Act of 1990 stated that all vehicles manufactured in America must have OBDII installed by 1996.  The car manufacturers beat the deadline and had it in place by 1995.

OBDII, which stands for On Board Diagnostics II is the industry standard computer diagnostic platform on each vehicle sold in the United States.  The computer collects the information coming from a multitude of sensors that are placed throughout the vehicle.  The information can be as minute as a door being open, to as detailed as the mixture of fuel and air going into the engine.  The computer collects the information while the vehicle is running and then records a diagnostic trouble code whenever there is a problem.  It then engages the Check Engine Light on your dashboard alerting you to the fact that there is a problem.

The frustration for many drivers is problems are not sometimes easy to diagnose.  The issue could be as simple as not having the gas cap tightened on correctly, but the other side of the situation is that it could be much more involved.

At Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions we have the diagnostic code reader that will allow us to connect to your vehicle’s OBDII to find out what the issue might be.  Call 630.830.0400 or schedule an appointment online to have us run a diagnostic check on your vehicle.






Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions is a proud member of ASA, ASE, TECH-NET and NAPA AUTO CENTER

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