Fuel Systems

Fuel SystemsThe fuel system is the delivery system of gasoline or diesel to the engine where it then mixes with air to be burnt and power the engine allowing your vehicle to run.  The fuel system is made up of the fuel tank, the fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter and injectors.  If a problem develops in any of these components your vehicle will not be able to function at its optimal performance level. So let’s take a look at the fuel system of your vehicle.

The fuel tank is where the fuel is stored to be delivered to the engine.  The fuel pump moves fuel from the fuel tank through the fuel lines and fuel filter. The fuel is then shot into the cylinder chamber via the fuel injector, it then atomizes with incoming air to have the proper air/fuel mixture to allow combustion from the spark plug. If the fuel is contaminated or not fully atomized when it reaches the cylinder it will not achieve the proper fue/air mixture causing a decrease in power, fuel efficiency or a knocking sound in the engine when you accelerate.

One of the first things that can be done to help keep the fuel system running properly is to replace the fuel filter.  In replacing the fuel filter you can usually keep the dirt and contaminants out of the rest of the system.  Another area of problems is the fuel rail and injectors.  If either of these parts is clogged it decreases its ability to introduce a very fine spray of fuel into the intake chamber.  This then affects the air/fuel mixture and causes problems with combustion. The fuel tank and lines also become dirty over the years so having them cleaned occasionally helps to keep dirt and contaminants from the entering the system.

With all of these components and potential problems this could easily become another of those hidden dangers that go unattended in your vehicle.  Come by Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions and let us service your fuel system to ensure smooth running and better fuel economy.  Call 630.830.0400 or visit our website and schedule an appointment online. Let us help you keep your car running at its optimum performance level.

Kamphaus Auto Care & Emissions is a proud member of ASA, ASE, TECH-NET and NAPA AUTO CENTER

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