Check Engine Light in Hanover Park

Your check engine light is on. Your Hybrid Master Warning Light is on. What is your first response? Turn off the car and tighten the gas cap? Hit the steering wheel and say the words you don't allow your children to say? Call your friend that works on his own vehicle and ask how to turn it off? Take your car to a trusted mechanic?

Although it could be something as simple as your gas cap not being on correctly, it could be something much more costly. Since 1996 all vehicles in America have come equipped with OBDII. This is the industry standardized version of the On Board Diagnostics. Although the main function is to monitor your emissions, it can and does monitor other aspects of the car and hybrid system as well. Acknowledging and having it attended to, can save you a lot of money and prevent further damage to your vehicle.

By bringing your vehicle into Kamphaus Auto Care, Hybrid Repair & Emissions we can connect it to our in-shop diagnostic computer. This allows our technicians to diagnose the exact cause of the light coming on. From there we can offer advice on how to service your car, if needed. The check engine light or Master Warning Light lets you know there is a problem and at our shop we let you know what the problem is. Together we can make informed decisions to get the issue resolved.

Call or schedule an appointment online to have us check out why your Check Engine Light is or Master Warning Light is on. Ignoring it could bring about disastrous results and leave you stranded.

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