At Kamphaus Auto Care, Hybrid Repair & Emissions, we understand the importance of a healthy drive train for a smooth and trouble-free ride. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle all your drive train needs, from routine maintenance to advanced repairs, across all vehicle types – including hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs). Here's how we can help:

  • Preventative Maintenance for All Vehicles: We recommend and perform scheduled drive train maintenance following your vehicle's manufacturer's guidelines. This includes:
    • Fluid Changes: We use fluids specified for your car's make, model, and drivetrain type (gasoline, hybrid, or electric). Our services cover engine oil changes, transmission fluid flushes, differential fluid changes, and coolant system maintenance.
    • Filter Replacements: We replace engine oil filters, transmission filters, air filters, and cabin air filters to maintain proper lubrication, airflow, and a clean driving environment.
    • Inspections: During maintenance services, our technicians thoroughly inspect your drive train for leaks, worn components, and potential issues, including battery health checks (Standard 12V and High Voltage Battery).
  • Advanced Drive Train Repairs: We have the expertise and equipment to handle a wide range of drive train repairs, including:
    • Conventional Gasoline Engine and Transmission Repairs: Our team can address concerns related to clutches, transmissions, differentials, driveshafts, and axles.
    • Hybrid Battery Repair or Replacement: (For hybrids only) Our technicians are trained to diagnose and service hybrid battery packs, recommending repairs or replacements when necessary.
    • High-Voltage Systems Service (for Hybrids and EVs): We have certified technicians qualified to work on the high-voltage systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, following strict safety protocols.
  • Honest and Transparent Communication: We believe in clear communication. Our technicians will explain your car's specific needs, discuss repair options with you, and obtain your approval before any work begins.

Benefits of Using Our Drive Train Services:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your car's drive train, regardless of type, is in top condition gives you peace of mind on the road.
  • Extended Vehicle Life: Proper maintenance helps your car run smoothly for longer, reducing the risk of expensive repairs down the line, for all vehicle types.
  • Improved Performance: Optimized drive train performance translates to better fuel economy and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Schedule Your Drive Train Maintenance Today!

We invite you to Kamphaus Auto Care, Hybrid Repair & Emissions to schedule your drive train maintenance or repairs, regardless of whether you drive a conventional gasoline, hybrid, or electric vehicle. We're committed to keeping your car running smoothly and safely for miles to come.


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