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Charge It In Hanover Park For Extended Battery Life

Here's an interesting statistic for our car owners in Hanover Park, IL: Only thirty percent of car batteries make it to forty-eight months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from fifty-one months in extremely cold areas to just thirty months in extremely hot climates. Why is that? It turns out that it's our modern cars with all their electric accessories that are to blame. Things like, GPS, DVDs, and entertainment computers are keeping pickup batteries from maintaining a full charge. The longer a battery goes with a low charge, the sooner it'll die. It's clear that your Hanover Park auto owners need to recharge your batteries. This is the job of the alternator. The problem comes when the car's demand for electricity is high and we are driving in stop and go conditions or short trips around Hanover Park or Addison. The alternator just can't keep up. The result is shortened battery life. So what can we Hanover Park auto owners ... read more


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