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Following Recommended Intervals For Your pickup

If you're reading this article in Hanover Park, IL, then you probably care about your car and how it runs. Even though you care, there is still that moment of dread when your understanding Kamphaus AutoCare and Emission technician tells you the manufacturer recommends some additional service. Your heart beats a little faster, your blood pressure rises. You worry about spending more money than you had planned. And you worry that if you say “no”, you might be harming your pickup or risking your family's safety. At the risk of sounding like your dad, you really should have done your homework. Service recommendations are in your owner's manual. But it is not like you want to keep your pickup auto maintenance schedule on your nightstand for bedtime reading. Cars are complicated machines and it takes some effort for Hanover Park motorists to keep them running well. That is why car makers have maintenance schedules that explain how to keep your pickup ... read more



On Board Diagnostics For Your pickup

Make an appointment with Kamphaus AutoCare and Emission to have your on board diagnostics analyzed.1005 Irving Park Rd Hanover Park, IL 60133 Today we're going to talk about on-board diagnostics and the questions we hear from folks around Hanover Park IL who need answers about diagnostic services. They want to know what diagnostics are, what's involved and what the benefits are. They really want to understand the value of diagnostic scans by a trained technician in Hanover Park IL. These are valid concerns. If you don't understand something it's really hard to know its value. Let's start with some history. Since 1996, all cars and light trucks in Hanover Park IL have been required to use a standardized diagnostic system to help repair technicians determine what's wrong with your vehicle. The diagnostic system works with the vehicle's Engine Control Module - the computer that controls many engine functions. The computer monit ... read more

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