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Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Is On

Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Is On

When the check engine light comes on it’s easy to assume the worst. You know something may be wrong under the hood and this can leave you paranoid and anxious. There can be several reasons the check engine light is on. And while it’s tempting to neglect it, it can cause costly repairs in the long run. Identifying the issue is crucial to the health of your vehicle. Below are three common reasons why the check engine light may have come on. Spark Plugs The spark plugs supply the spark that ignites a mini-explosion in the combustion chamber. The spark plugs should be replaced once a year or at least every 10,000 miles. Spark plugs that are worn or damaged will not be able to properly ignite the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders. Neglecting your spark plugs can only snowball into larger problems. Faulty spark plugs can cause a major decrease in performance, poor fuel economy, and even an engine misfire. If the check engine light comes on, try checki ... read more


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