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What Does the ABS Light Mean?

What Does the ABS Light Mean?

Any dashboard warning light can cause the average driver to panic or stress. One light that is quite concerning is the ABS light, which is a symbol intended to warn you of one or more problems with your braking system or anti-lock braking system (ABS). Fortunately, you can count on the automotive experts at Kamphaus Auto Care for all your brake system needs.    Every car on the road nowadays has a traction control system or ABS. It consists of a series of sensors that communicate with your vehicle’s computer. The sensors read your wheel’s speeds and send the speed and other information. When your vehicle is unstable in slippery conditions, like rain or snow, it will trigger the warning light to come on. Typically, the ABS signal is easiest to read and displays the letters ABS in some way.   While the above scenario is the most common, the ABS light can come on for other reasons. Your ABS light may be an indication that your vehicle is low on brake fluid ... read more

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