Do Hybrid Vehicles Need Different Maintenance Services?

All vehicles need to be serviced on a regular basis; whether you drive an electric, hybrid, or fuel-powered motor vehicle, they need proper care. However, some of these vehicles may vary in their needs. Some people have a misconception that hybrid cars need more maintenance than their counterparts and at a higher cost. That belief is not always the case. Let's go over the differences (if any) between services for a hybrid and traditional fueled car.

What Kind of Maintenance Does a Hybrid Vehicle Need?

The maintenance demands of a hybrid automobile are not very much different from those of a traditional gasoline engine. Hybrids have an engine that also runs on gasoline, so they will need the same maintenance items as a conventional car with the same intervals. 

Hybrid cars still need the following services:

  • Oil change
  • Fluid top-offs
  • Belt replacements
  • Wheel alignment and tire rotations
  • and more.

Considering hybrid vehicles rely more heavily on their battery, they might need their battery air filter replaced (on select models). Some people may also have concerns regarding the battery; however, it should not be a big problem if you regularly maintain it and practice good driving habits. In some cases, the cooling system maintenance may be a bit pricer because it can be more challenging to get to. However, one benefit between a hybrid and regular vehicle is that its brake pads do not need to be replaced as frequently. 


The biggest weakness of hybrids is the high initial cost of buying the vehicle, which is often justifiable by its significantly better mileage. Besides the benefit of fewer fuel expenses, many people choose to drive a hybrid car due to its less-damaging impact on the environment. Overall, the maintenance costs are relatively the same as their gas-powered counterparts. 


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