How to Prevent Your Car Battery From Getting Drained

The sound of a struggling engine starting, or sometimes referred to as engine cranking, can be dramatic and stressful to hear. In most cases, it means you have a dead battery. If your motor vehicle can’t start up, the first place people often check is their batter. Car batteries in gas-powered vehicles aren’t made to last forever. More inconveniently, they tend to die from the heat of summer. So if you want to prevent yours from giving out this season, make sure you follow these helpful tips below:

  1. Park your vehicle in parking garages and/or in the shade. Heat is your car battery’s #1 enemy. It accelerates corrosion and makes your battery work harder than necessary. If you want to protect your battery, please prevent your car from sitting in direct sunlight for too long.
  2. Regularly test your battery. This is especially vital if you have a long drive or road to take. If it has been a minute since your last professional battery service or inspection, we welcome you to Kamphaus Auto Care for a battery charge test. The results can help you manage your time and look forward to when you may need a replacement.
  3. Don’t overload your battery with electronic accessories. A huge mistake people often make with modern cars is by having too many things plugged into your car. If you have too many things drawing power from the battery at once, it can overwork and kill the battery.
  4. Keep your battery terminals free of corrosion and buildup. If you regularly check your battery, make sure to look for signs of leaks or corrosion. This flaky white, blue, or green substance can grow quickly and eat your battery away.
  5. Consider investing in a charger. While these can have a hefty price tag, they can save you when your battery is in critical condition.

If you plan on taking a summer road trip soon, we welcome you to Kamphaus Auto care for a battery testing service. Our skillful technicians can keep your electrical components in check for the season.

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