Types of Car Fluid Leaks

You notice a suspicious liquid in your parking spot beneath your car, and your heart drops; you start wondering what it is and how much it will cost you to repair. Usually, car owners assume the worst when their vehicles leak fluids. However, while some automotive fluid leaks may be serious, most of them are not as bad and can easily be fixed.


Moreover, not everybody can identify the type of fluids leaking from their vehicles. Therefore, it is vital to know the different kinds of car fluid leaks to inform your mechanic which type may be leaking for faster assessment and mechanical help. Below are some of the types of car fluid leaks.


Oil Leak

A light brown or black puddle is usually the sign of an oil leak. The leaks typically occur at the oil pan and in gaskets located in the engine. If you notice an oil leak from your car, this means your gasket has a problem and requires mechanical service.


Brake Fluid Leak

A transparent yellow to bright brown leak with the smell of fish oil indicates a brake fluid leak. This leak means your car is likely to experience problems with the brakes, and thus breaking may be an issue. Once you notice a brake fluid leak, it is important to bring your vehicle into our shop as soon as possible. 


Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid may look similar to engine oil. However, manufacturers add red dye to make it easily identifiable. As it ages, the transmission fluid can turn to dark red. Thus, if you notice a red puddle or stain, then chances are that your car is leaking transmission fluid. Therefore, have your car's transmission looked at by a professional and for a replacement to avoid more car problems.


Gear Oil Leak

A thick glob oozing from your car is an indicator of a gear oil leak resulting from a damaged gasket. A gear oil leak is easy to note as it sticks on the side of the car as opposed to leaking out in a liquid form.


Water Leak

A puddle of water beneath your car is usually condensed vapour that leaks as water due to the car's air conditioning left on. The car system then collects the water and drains it through a small tube under the car. Hence, explaining why it is common to see water droplets on your parking spot, especially during hot days. The water leak is not usually a problem because it only means the air conditioner is functioning as intended.


Nonetheless, knowing how to detect common types of car fluid leaks may help you identify the source of the leak and seek help accordingly. Please give Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions a call today as soon as you notice a vehicle fluid leak! 

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