What Are The Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

Owning a car requires some background knowledge on how your machine functions. If your vehicle starts malfunctioning or giving you trouble, it is easier when you have a rough idea of what the problem might be. If you are suspecting that your spark plug is not working as it should, here are some signs to look out for on your way to the garage.

Symptoms of a failing spark plug

Spark plugs are one of the most import parts of a car since they are used to light up the combustion chamber. Here, the fuel mixes with air to facilitate locomotion. If it does not work, here is what to expect;

Difficulty in starting the car

Your sparks may be worn out if igniting your vehicle has become problematic. It becomes challenging to start your car when your plugs aren't generating a sustained spark to initiate the complete combustion. At the first hint of issues with starting your car, it is a smart idea to have a specialist inspect it.

Unstable idling

Your engine will sound steady and smooth if your plugs are functioning effectively. Your engine might have rough idling, for instance, the car may vibrate, if a spark plug is jammed.

Low Fuel Efficiency

An effective spark plug aids in the efficient burning of fuel. Your car may therefore experience better gas mileage. The space between the ignition system electrodes is typically either too short or too wide when the plug is not functioning properly. In fact, rather than changing the plug totally, many mechanics will remove the spark plugs, inspect them, and fix the gap to the manufacturer's specifications. It's possible that a damaged spark plug is to blame if your car uses more fuel than usual.

Vehicle's engine backfires.

It indicates that the ratio of fuel to air in your car is not at equilibrium. As a result, unburned hydrocarbon particles will blow up in the exhaust pipe. This has to be fixed right away since it might harm the catalytic converter.


A malfunctioning spark plug might end up costing you a lot more than it would to fix it. If you need spark plug replacement, give Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions a call today!

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