What Does the Oil Warning Light Mean?

The oil dashboard warning light is shaped in the outline of a traditional oil canister. It can be alarming whenever you see any dash warning light, especially this one. This one has very troubling implications for your car. And it can mean one of many things regarding your engine oil. A red or flashing oil light usually means your lube is at a low pressure, which is one of those circumstances that you should never ignore. Whenever you see it flashing, it is deemed not safe to drive. In other words, you should get your car to Kamphaus Auto Care immediately. However, a yellow outline of the oil light, or one that is stable or not blinking, simply means that you're almost out of engine oil and need an oil change. 


Engine oil is necessary for your car to run. Without a sufficient amount of lubricant, your engine is at risk of severe engine damage, including overheating. This is because engine oil has the significant task of greasing the machine and its parts to reduce the wear and tear of its components. Oil also has a vital role in managing internal temperatures. When you remove the engine oil out of any car, the engine will deteriorate from high temperatures and increased friction.


The most common reason for the oil warning light to come on is if a leak exists. Your motor oil is stored in the oil pan and is eventually drawn through the oil filter before moving through the engine. 


Here are some of the reasons why the low oil warning light may come on your dash:

  • There is an insufficient amount of oil in the pan
  • There is an oil leak somewhere in the system
  • Worn piston rings
  • You accidentally put the wrong type of oil in your car
  • You previously had a poor oil change done
  • Worn valve guides
  • Faulty engine assembly, such as unsecured piston rings

Regardless of the reason behind the oil light, you should have a professional look at it and treat it immediately! We invite you to bring your car, SUV, or truck to Kamphaus Auto Care as soon as you see this light. 

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