What Signs Indicate You Need a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment readjusts the angles of your vehicle's wheels to meet the manufacturer's specifications. Over time, your car's wheels will fall out of alignment. If you're experiencing any of the several symptoms listed below, it's time to come by Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions for a proper wheel alignment.

Crooked Steering Wheel 

When making turns, your steering wheel should automatically start recentering upon completing the turn. If the steering wheel seems to be "stuck" in one place or doesn't recenter, it's time to get a wheel alignment.

Worn Down Tires

Dramatic tire wear often points to a need for a wheel alignment. If your tires have bald spots, please take your car to Kamphaus Auto Care for tire services soon.

Car Pulling to One Side

Does your car have trouble driving in a straight line? If your vehicle keeps veering left and right, it can put you in significant danger. Please make sure to have your alignment checked before you lose total control of the vehicle.

Steering Feels Loose

If your vehicle's steering feels loose or wobbly, it may indicate misalignment. This symptom can be extremely dangerous, so it's essential to get it fixed immediately.

Strange Wheel Noises 

If your wheels emit any unusual signs, it could mean that they are out of alignment. These noises can be described as anything from humming to grinding. And they become noticeably louder when you bring your vehicle up to speed.


Wheel alignments ensure you have the most control of your vehicle at all times. Furthermore, it also improves tire life by promoting even tire wear.

If you need high-quality wheel alignments in Hanover, IL, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Kamphaus Auto Care as soon as possible.

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