When Are You Supposed to Use Your Hazard Lights?

Your hazard lights, or blinkers, should be one of the most minor used features of your car because it is designed only to be used in case of emergencies. Though your lights are a good form of communication to others on the road, there are right and wrong times to use them. Some laws state when you should use them too, and they vary from state to state. We will go over the instances of when you should and shouldn't use your blinkers.


When to Use Your Hazard Lights


Getting pulled over.If you see the red and blue flashing lights creeping up on you, turn on your hazard lights to show the police officer that you acknowledge their request. Then, slow down, turn on your hazard lights, and remain seated.


Your car breaks down, and you're waiting for a tow. Whenever your car breaks down, always remember to use your hazard lights to signal to other vehicles that you need to get to the road shoulder. This warning to other drivers will allow them to get safely around your car.


Driving in a funeral procession. Funeral processions are exempted from the majority of hazard light rules. It's customary for vehicles in a funeral procession to drive with their hazard lights on, even when it is otherwise prohibited by law.


When to NOT Use Your Hazard Lights


Going through bad weather. Driving with your hazards on during a rain or snowstorm is doing more bad than good. Since the inclement weather is already impeding the sight of many drivers, they may not be able to tell what you are signaling to them. Turn on your headlights and taillights in inclement weather instead. If the weather is bad enough for you to feel dependent on hazard lights, veer to the road shoulder to stop until conditions are better.


Driving in heavy traffic. While your blinkers can make you more noticeable, they can make it difficult for other drivers to comprehend what you're doing. Whenever you have your hazards on, your turn signals are disabled. As a result, other drivers would not be able to predict if you are trying to turn or switch lanes.


In Illinois, the use of hazard lights is NOT permitted while driving, except in emergencies or other specified scenarios. Therefore, avoid getting a ticket by only using your hazards in case of emergencies. We hope these tips were helpful and better your understanding of when to use your lights.


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