Why Does My Vehicle Feel Bouncy?

A bouncy commute may sound silly, but it signifies danger for you and your vehicle. If you notice that your car is feeling unstable or shaky, your first instinct should be to take it to a certified mechanic immediately. While you can look for clues of where the problem is coming from, a professional can pinpoint the exact problem. Below are three areas of your car that may be where the shakiness stems from:


Your tires are indeed the only part of your car that makes contact with the ground, so you can imagine how important they are to the comfortability and stability of your drive. Unfortunately, they can be the reason why your car may be bouncing; if your tires are not attached tight enough, overinflated, or misaligned, you will feel this trembling.

Steering System

The steering system allows you to have easy and controlled turns. If you notice an uneasy feeling only occurring whenever you turn the steering wheel, your steering system is probably the culprit. Bushings can cause shakiness when they are too loose or too stiff.  

Suspension System

Parts like shocks, struts, and springs make up your suspension system. They work together to ensure you don't feel every single bump on the road. The shocks and struts absorb the feeling so that your car ride feels smooth. If they're worn or damaged, your car may feel bouncier than usual.

If you notice an odd bounce to your vehicle, please bring your car to Kamphaus Auto Care and Emissions in Hanover Park, IL for an inspection of your tires, steering system, and suspension parts.

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